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California Emergency Dentists


Welcome to 510 Dentist, an office you will love, a team you will trust, and a practice you will be proud of.

We look beyond when you entrust us as we meet with you as a person, we listen, and we hear. It’s our belief – we must understand you to know your needs and your expectations. That’s how we’ll allow ourselves to help you. Your teeth, oral health, and overall well-being are all part of who you are. And we understand it. And so, we cater to you and your dental needs well beyond your expectations.

Check us out, and feel the difference.

At 510 Dentist, we remain ever committed to excellence in Emergency Dentistry. Our commitment includes providing real information and options to empower you with the best emergency treatment options for your oral health needs. This website is a resource we hope you’ll find both useful and interesting.

“We stand firm on integrity, sincerity and professionalism, and treat
every patient as we would a friend, with respect, dignity and concern.”

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