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Emergency Dentist Sunnyvale California

510Dentist are a Sunnyvale based emergency dental care clinic which offers high quality appointments.

Our dentists take care of Sunnyvale, California locals as well as clients from surrounding cities or whoever may need emergency dental service.

At 510Dentist we certainly feel that when it comes to emergency dental circumstance, expert help is vital.

We are honored to have many satisfied customers who are always happy to vouch for us!

Our emergency dental care facility will definitely be able to assist you if you're seeking for superior dental service!

So What Qualifies As Dental Crisis?

A dental emergency is a predicament in which a person's dental well-being or condition is at risk.

It may possibly be brought on by an accident or severe illness, but it may likewise be the effect of an ongoing problem that has not been addressed.

Below are the indications you may experience with dental emergencies are

  • Irritated tooth and gum tissues
  • Inflamed face or mouth
  • Difficulty talking and eating
  • Foul-smelling breath
  • Bleeding gum tissues
  • Loosened tooth

If you notice some of these signs following an accident or illness, find your Sunnyvale emergency dental expert right away.

For quality dental services, our dental experts as well as our personnel are ready to help you!

When To Seek Emergency Dental Care Procedures?

Numerous warning signs can indicate the necessity for emergency dental attention.

If you can see a damaged or chipped tooth, have a tooth pain, have shed any of your teeth, have been agonizing from frustrations due to a tooth pain, or if you have actually developed an infection in your mouth - these are signs you may need to undergo an emergency dental treatment!

If you're uncertain whether you need immediate dental attention or not, please call our Sunnyvale, California emergency dental office and we'll be glad to serve you!

510Dentist Dental Care Solutions

Our dental office in Sunnyvale provides lots of dental care plans that includes emergency dental treatment.

Our team is widely knowledgeable in a range of dental solutions, including simple dental fillings and veneers.

510Dentist not only deliver emergency dental services, but also cosmetic dentistry solutions including teeth whitening, crowns, and bridges!

The following are some of the most typical dental cases our clients contact us for!


A missing or knocked out tooth is determined when there's a gap where a tooth should be and the person can touch their tongue on that spot. It is often accompanied by intense pain.

If the knocked-out tooth was due to trauma, the likelihood of nerve damage is slim.

The dentist will need to check for any kind of injury before determining what procedure to provide.

For instances of severe dental conditions, like an impacted wisdom tooth, the patient may need to contact a specialist who will have more dedicated equipment and expertise than an emergency room dentist.

Right after a dental accident or an extensive trauma to your teeth, our dentists can take care of your issue right away.

Not only can we manage any kind of tooth discomfort, we can also get rid of inflamed nerves as well as execute extractions if needed.

Before the treatment even begins, our dentists will ask their clients how they feel concerning their current smile so that they may receive a tailored solution.

Our dental office also provides sedation dentistry for your knocked-out tooth to make your treatment option as worry-free as possible.


A tooth that has been chipped or broken in the biting process or by a punch to the mouth can be excruciating and may result in issues with chewing, talking, and other functions.

A fracture can be inflicted in one of two ways - it can happen because of an accident such as a fall or it can develop gradually from grinding the teeth during rest.

A chipped tooth is not considered truly "cracked" if it can still be repaired by using a dental filling.

You need to see your dentist within 3 days for a diagnosis if you can't feel pain in your tooth and it looks fine.

A tooth that has been damaged badly enough to break or crack will definitely need a crown.

At our dental office in Sunnyvale, California we can repair what's left of the tooth into a tough and stunning dental crown.

We can also make the crown on the very same day as your appointment! Our dentists can patch the filling with porcelain if there is injury around it.

Our dentists operate closely with our clients to make sure that they are comfortable throughout their dental procedures.

We give quality dental treatment by supplying every dentist chair with a topical anesthetic to guarantee patient satisfaction.

We ensure that your appointment is as convenient as possible by using the brand-new technology of ultrasonic tools.

Rest assured, you will be comfortable and safe during your appointment.


One of the most typical dental complications is toothaches.

Toothaches can show up in a number of ways, from light discomfort to extreme discomfort that has you screaming in agony.

Toothaches are typically due to cavities, decay, or gum disease.

Your toothache may originate from an infection caused by superficial tooth cavity and debris that gets in the pulp chamber (the inside part of the tooth beside the nerve) and irritates it.

This causes inflammation that can lead to more extreme complications like abscesses and nerve damage.

Another cause of toothaches is holes in the teeth.

Cavities are a crack in the enamel (the hard external layer) that gets larger gradually until it goes through the cavity into the dentin (the inner layer).

Tooth ache can also be a result of crowns, braces, and other dental work. This is because these give a direct point of access to bacteria and food grains that form plaque.

Our dentistry office provides same-day dental visits for emergencies like toothaches.

We make use of cutting edge technology like digital x rays, intraoral cameras, air abrasion machines, a dental chair with full-body support made for maximum comfort, modern sterilization devices such as an autoclave to guarantee sterility of our tools during endodontic treatment or dental surgery so you don't need to feel anxious about germs.


It's harmful to bite your tongue simply because, through it, you can get an infection.

It can cause a wound in the tongue that can be very sore.

This may likewise cause blood poisoning as well as heart problem.

So if you accidentally bite your tongue or cheek, avoid smoking, drinking or sucking on the wound because this can result in further damage.

Apart from these things, you should also avoid spicy foods as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen.

Our Sunnyvale emergency dentists will be able to treat your injured tongue or cheek instantly.


Not only is oral cancer the most prevalent form of cancer in the mouth, but it is also one of the most fatal.

If you experience problems like a lump or sore in the mouth, it is essential to go seek dental treatment in the best emergency dentistry in Sunnyvale, California as soon as possible.

Oral cancer can damage the nerves and even lead to death if therapy isn't received immediately.

Never endanger your dental wellness by ignoring an appointment to the dentist if you find something that may be of worry to your health.

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