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“Great time and great people and I love coming into the dentist office every time. Makes it easy and great work. Family place for sure. Team effort.” – Michael Beard

Orthodontics is the art of achieving Balance, Harmony and Optimal function of the teeth, the jaws and the mouth as a functioning unit. Orthodontics is an age-old dental specialization dedicated to correction of irregularly placed teeth within the jaws. Big teeth – small jaws ; small teeth – big jaws ; extra teeth ; missing teeth ; disproportionate jaw sizes ; leading to crowding, spacing, uneven teeth, and most importantly imbalance of the bite as a whole. Uneven bite can lead to issues like uneven wear, break down of supporting bone, gum recession, jaw joint pain and eventually premature loss of teeth.

Straight teeth are less prone to tooth decay, gum disease and injury. And, recent research has brought into focus a very significant correlation between healthy gums and serious ailments like heart disease, stroke and diabetes. So, the benefits of having properly aligned teeth really extend beyond having an attractive smile.

Orthodontics has also come a long way. Braces of yesteryear – the so-called ‘rail-tracks’ are really not there any more. Newer appliances and methods including smaller metal brackets, tooth colored ceramic braces, and more recently the advent of clear plastic aligners, i.e. Invisalign, have really removed most traditional objections to getting your teeth straightened and bite corrected for enhanced esthetics and improved function.

Today orthodontics has become a huge component of adult dental cosmetics. Orthodontics is important to the functional success of cosmetic restorative procedures such as crowns, bridges, implants and the fine porcelain veneers done for Hollywood style makeovers. Well-executed orthodontic treatment, especially in conjunction with the restorative dentist, is really the foundation of long-term health of the teeth bearing the cosmetic-restorative units mentioned above.

510 Dentist is well aware, well trained and well experienced to incorporate orthodontic skills with the restorative cosmetic needs of our patients to give them a unique advantage of the great clinical results, which must last beyond expectations.

Ask us for a complimentary consultation with 510 Dentist today to determine the best treatment approach for your situation.

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